The face of tourism is changing at Le Grand Courlan

As more and more travellers consider wellness as part of their holiday plans, spas and health resorts are becoming an increasing part of the tourism fabric. Le Grand Courlan was built to meet this growing demand for a peaceful place to retreat and relax.

As one of Tobago`s finest properties, Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort, is set against the backdrop of Tobago`s lush tropical hills, overlooking a picturesque, palm-fringed bay.
The all-inclusive resort now presents a combination of spa services, fun exercise, healthy cuisine, pampering, and education on managing stress levels to inspire complete guest renewal.

The spa has developed a variety of body massages based on European, Japanese, Chinese or Egyptian techniques. Together with hydrotherapy, sauna, body wraps, mud masques and other treatments
that include:

Swedish Massage
The classical European massage technique of gentle manipulation of the muscles with the use of massage oils. Used to improve the circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and create relaxation.

Acupressure massage technique, developed in Japan, applying pressure to specific points in the body, to stimulate and unblock the meridians (the pathways in the body through which life energy flows).


Ancient Chinese technique using pressure point massage (usually on the feet, but also on hands and ears) to restore the flow of energy throughout the body.

Body massage with fragrant essential oils. Based on an ancient Egyptian art which uses different oils for different therapeutic benefits.

A staple therapy offered at Le Grand Courlan. This includes underwater jet massage, showers, jet sprays and mineral baths.

Dry heat, used to open the pores and eliminate toxins by sweating. In combination with refreshing cold showers sauna therapy may enhance the body`s immune defences while relieving stress.

Skin Treatments Brush & Tone
Dry brushing of the skin, intended to remove dead layers and impurities while stimulating circulation. This is one of many exfoliating techniques used as a pre-treatment for mud and seaweed body masks. A moisturising lotion completes the treatment leaving skin silky and glowing.

The Italian word for mud. Used in treatments, a highly mineralised mud may be mixed with oil or water and is applied over the body as a heat pack to detoxify, soothe the muscles and stimulate the circulation.

Herbal Wrap

Body wrap, using strips of cloth that are soaked in a heated herbal solution and wrapped around the body, followed by a period of rest. Used to eliminate impurities and detoxify, as well as for relaxation.