America Announces National Training Centre for Botox

Gold Skin Care Centre has been named National Training Centre for Botoxå® Cosmetic, the therapeutic muscle-relaxing agent used to treat facial wrinkles. The announcement was made by Michael H. Gold, M.D., board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. Botox cosmetic received approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines in adult men and women aged 65 or younger.

With the growing demand for this popular cosmetic procedure, Allergan, Inc., manufacturers of Botox Cosmetic, named Dr. Gold as a national instructor in the use of its cosmetic application. Training sessions on the proper use and techniques of Botox Cosmetic will be held at Gold Skin Care Centre for physicians from around the States.

Clinical effects of botulinum toxin have been recognised since1895 and it has become one of the most promising treatments for a variety of medical conditions in clinics and spas today. In 1989, the FDA approved this drug as safe and effective therapy for neuromuscular disorders of the neck, eye and eyelids. While treating these conditions doctors noticed that fine lines and wrinkles around the eye disappeared. As a result, dermatologists began using Botox Cosmetic to treat facial wrinkles.

The treatment of frown lines, crow`s feet, and forehead wrinkles with Botox Cosmetic has been used successfully for facial wrinkles since 1981 and has become the fastest-growing, most popular cosmetic medical procedure in the America, with more than one million faces treated last year. In 1999, Dr. Gold conducted clinical research trials using Botox Cosmetic injections to the vertical lines between the eyebrows. This study confirmed the effectiveness and safety of Botox Cosmetic and was instrumental in this FDA clearance where we have treated thousands of patients.

Botox Cosmetic, the brand name for Botulinum Toxin Type A, is a medicine produced by the same bacteria that makes botulism, a muscle-relaxing neurotoxin. Small amounts of Botox Cosmetic are injected directly into small facial muscles which cause wrinkles in the overlying skin.
Botox Cosmetic works to remove wrinkles by relaxing the surrounding facial muscles. Once the muscles have relaxed, the wrinkles disappear. The muscles lose their ability to contract - patients will not be able to frown after having their forehead and frown lines treated. The effects are temporary and gradually wear off within three to six months after treatment, which can then be repeated.


Founder of Gold Skin Care Centre, Dr. Michael H. Gold is a board-certified dermatologist and oversees the Centre`s operations - which provide a combination of dermatologic, cosmetic dermatologic and aesthetic services.
Throughout his career, Dr. Gold has pioneered several research initiatives that have gained national exposure. The Gold Research Group and Tennessee Clinical Research Centre, affiliates of the Centre, are where national clinical research trials on medications and devices are conducted.

Gold Skin Care Centre is a Nashville dermatology and aesthetic practice founded in 1990 by Michael H. Gold, M.D. The Centre provides one-stop service for all skin care needs, including dermatologic, surgical and cosmetic.