$20 Million Restoration for Mountain View Grand

Established in 1865, The Mountain View Grand, New Hampshireå‘s oldest grand hotel with a long and illustrious history of hospitality, has reopened its doors to the public after 15 years following a massive $20 million restoration programme.

Now called the Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa, this celebrated retreat for Presidents, celebrities and socialites was resurrected by Kevin Craffey, a developer and contractor from Duxbury, Massachusetts, who purchased the hotel in 1999.

The restoration took four years and involved a series of physical and financial hurdles, including the passing of two amendments to the New Hampshire state constitution as well as significant public and private collaboration to secure the necessary financing to complete the project.
Not only did the restoration return the historic hotel to its 19th century elegance, but it also included the addition of a full service spa. The majestic Tower Spa, located in the Italian revival-style tower, offers more than 50 state-of-the-art European spa treatments in 15 therapy rooms, including hydrotherapy featuring Vichy Shower, Japanese-style Ofuro tub and 252-jet Chromotub, the first in the USA - all perched at the top of the tower with breathtaking 360-degree views of the White Mountain.

“The dedication of the Mountain View Grand is a very proud moment for me and a testament of what can happen when government and private industry work together,” said Kevin Craffey, owner and developer. “It also celebrates the spirit of so many people who work tirelessly to preserve this glorious American treasure.”

Craffey’s vision was to transform the hotel into a resort destination with 21st century sensibility providing all the elements of luxury accommodation in a building conceived 137 years ago.
Highlights of the restoration project included:
Removing 57 acres of wallpaper
Reglazing 5,622 window panes
Restoring and repainting 78 miles of 137-year-old, exterior cedar planking
Removing and replacing approximately 38 miles of old mechanical wiring, piping and plumbing.