BISA Celebrates its First Five Years

As part of its 5th anniversary celebration, the British International Spa Association is seeking charitable status.

BISA, the British International Spa Association - an association set up by professionals in order to establish minimum standards and quality of service to the spa industry - was established in 1998 as a private, limited by guarantee, company without share capital. Since its inception, BISA has evolved into a major independent body pursuing the interests of its members and the spa industry overall.

Its primary objectives have been the development of quality standards throughout the spa and health resort industry worldwide. In the pursuit of these objectives BISA has established its now famous Six Wave spa resort accreditation scheme, and has worked closely with the industry to develop training provision and accreditation for therapists and other spa staff members.

In a recent report on The Spas Directory, Joan Thorneycroft, President of BISA, recalls her five years; “In the early days we were unsure of ourselves but we evolved in tandem with the growth of spa culture both in the UK and worldwide. Flexibility, adapting to the changing market place needs, has been one of our mostly important assets, at the same time ensuring that we relentlessly pursued our underlying objectives. Our 5th year anniversary is the ideal opportunity to acknowledge the hard work from the council, both new and long-standing members, the ever-increasing support from the industry and spa user, and our unfailing sponsors. Thank you.”

BISA is run by an honorary council and is non-profit making. In recent years the council has developed working relationships with other spa organisations whose activities complement those of BISA. The council, as part of the planning for the next five years, see the securing of charitable status as a means of further enhancing the existing services and providing the foundation for new opportunities now under consideration.