Carole Franck Creates a New Skincare Generation

Cosmetic chemist, Carole Franck, has launched Lait Pour Le Corps as the latest natural intense body conditioning system, which is apparently already revered by singing sisters, Dannii and Kylie Minogue.

Carole Franck is the founder and director of the laboratory which bears her name. She works closely with cosmetic chemists, dermatologists and gerontologists to create skincare products for modern women that contain exclusively active ingredients

Moisturising and refreshing, this new luxurious body milk claims to leave skin like silk, as it uses ultra-gentle plant extracts for intense hydration to enhance a smooth, even texture.
Made from high concentrations of active extracts of Hawthorn, Lettuce, Tree Mallow and Horse Chestnut, the synergetic action of plants softens the skin to prevents dehydration by providing maximum moisturisation. Lait Pour Le Corps works by providing a reservoir of moisture for continual action to keep the skin supple and have a soothing effect on the body.

Rhona Gilmore, spokesperson for Carole Franck and Dannii Minogue`s personal beauty therapist, says, “It is essential to keep the body hydrated during the summer months. The harsh elements strip the skin of natural oils and the body needs to be replenished with an intensive moisturiser that penetrates to feed the skin with essential nutrients. Carole Franck`s Lait Pour Le Corps infuses the layers of the skin with naturally softening plant extracts, providing intense hydration.