Spa Industry Survey Results Revealed for Singapore

Intelligent Spas has today announced its Spa Industry Survey results for Singapore, where during the last financial year, the spa market employed less than 700 people, however, it generated approximately 35 million dollars in revenue.

Based on an in-depth survey conducted by Intelligent Spas Pte Ltd, sources have also suggested the spa, beauty, salon and cosmetics sectors are collectively worth approximately 100 million Singapore dollars.

Singapore is the second in a series of spa industry surveys currently being implemented across the region by Intelligent Spas, an independent research company specialising in the spa industry.

Julie Garrow, Founding Director of the Singapore-based company says, “The findings provide spa facilities with valuable, industry statistics to assist their business decisions. It also outlines critical information that other organisations can use to better service and support the spa industry.”

Singapore’s spa survey programme was endorsed by the Spa Association Singapore. Peter Sng, President, states “The survey programme has provided valuable statistics to track the progress of the industry and identify interesting market trends.”


Singapore Spa Industry Results

The main findings of the Spa Industry Survey Programme conducted in Singapore included:

Spa visits have increased by 16% over the last three years.

During the period from July 2001 to June 2002, 100,000 international tourists made up a quarter of spa visits.

There are approximately 40 authentic spa facilities in Singapore.

The majority of spas operating in Singapore were either day spas or hotel spas.

Spas had nine private treatment rooms on average.

67 percent of spa visitors were female, 33 percent male.

Based on the number of sales the most popular treatment was massage.

Day spas were more likely to see a drop in visitation during difficult economic times, compared to hotel spas.

Competition was stated as the major challenge for most of the respondents.

The majority of spas did not use property management software.

Singapore’s Spa Industry Survey Report is available for purchase online. Or for further information contact Julie Garrow direct at [email protected]

About the Spa Industry Survey Programme
The Spa Industry Survey Programme is currently being rolled out in major spa markets across the Asia Pacific region. It is the most comprehensive and consistent, multi-national spa survey ever conducted, and is critical to providing necessary statistics and information as the industry is generally experiencing rapid expansion.

The Survey Programme was specifically designed by Intelligent Spas to capture much needed statistics to assist spas and other members of the spa industry, benchmark performance and make informed business decisions. The in-depth, self-fill survey captured valuable information relating to spa type, treatments and services, infrastructure and equipment, technology, ownership and management, positioning and marketing, visitation and client profiles, human resources, advisors, training and education, financial analysis and forecasts, and trends and current issues.

Over 100 questions were asked of the spas covering both quantitative and qualitative statistics. Quantitative data was collected for the fiscal year July 2001 to June 2002 as well as more historical data for 1999/2000 and 2000/2001, so that trends relating to revenue, employee numbers and spa visits could be established. The spas were also asked to predict their performance in 2002/2003 so forward-looking trends could be benchmarked. Qualitative data captured related to topics such as productive marketing activities, training needs, industry trends and major challenges. Approximately fifteen percent of the questions were related to key financial statistics, including total revenue, average spend per visit and development costs.

As Intelligent Spas is a completely independent research company, that is, it does not consult to individual businesses, the spas could feel comfortable in sharing their data as confidentiality was assured. The survey was also professionally designed using appropriate data ranges for the most sensitive data, such as revenue and salary levels by job type, which also made the completion of the surveys easier.

The Programme has been successfully implemented in Australia, Singapore and Thailand. Other country surveys across the region are currently underway and will be available shortly.