The Greenhouse Spa Brings in Mind & Body Experts

Due to massive country-wide demand, The Greenhouse has committed to a project that will host renowned yoga instructors from around America in order to give classes and seminars on many styles of yoga practices.

The focus of this unique programme is placed on uniting the mind, body, and spirit to make The Greenhouse guest feel more centered and powerful. It will also incorporate other free-thinking exercise methods such as Pilates and Tai Chi, designed to enhance breathing and stretching techniques.

In presenting this programme, The Greenhouse states: “This is dedicated to yoga enthusiasts - for the rejuvenation of body and mind - which will work in many ways.”
In addition to promoting balance, yoga is effective in weight loss, smoking cessation, and sleep for insomniacs, injury prevention, together with longer life. Yoga also works to improve the circulatory, glandular, nervous, and muscle systems through breathing, stretching, and internal massage.

Yoga enthusiasts of all levels are welcome at The Greenhouse, “Whether the guest is a novice, just starting to feel that magical effect of breathing, or has practiced for years, the experience will be full of new learning. Since The Greenhouse at most accommodates 39 women per week, guests will receive focused, personalised attention.”

From its outset in 1965, The Greenhouse has been one of America’s most prestigious health and beauty destination spas, exclusively for women. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, this Southern-style mansion on the outskirts of Dallas, in Arlington, Texas, has been an oasis of calm and relaxation for women from all over the world.
Its reputation for discreet service has made it a favorite destination of a discerning clientele from American First Ladies and international Royalty to supermodels. It is also the committed combination of exercise regimens, healthful dietary programmes and stunning surroundings that have this exclusive loyal clientele returning year after year.