ISPA Releases Urgent Announcement Regarding European Congress

ISPA Executive Director, Lynne Walker McNees, has today released this news statement concerning the now much disputed ISPA Europe Congress:

å“We have heard that Carina Billetun and Mark Silver, former president and one-time treasurer of ISPA Europe respectively, have distributed notices cancelling the 2003 ISPA Europe Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, scheduled for late May. At this juncture, we want to be certain that your money is properly utilised as we consider the possibility of moving forwardå”.

Walker McNees continued her statement thus: “We would appreciate you taking a few moments of your time to carefully read and consider this message…

In November 2002, ISPA provided more than $36,000 US to the Europe Chapter to assist with the execution of the congress. The ISPA Europe Board has already invested that money and ISPA is prepared to continue with the Europe Congress as planned. However, we don`t want to take this step without knowing your opinion.

As you`ve told us, the main benefits of membership are the educational and networking opportunities you receive. Because we want to deliver these benefits, we are prepared to respond to your needs.


Please take a moment to select one of the options below:

I have already registered for the ISPA Europe Congress and plan to attend.

I have already registered for the ISPA Europe Congress and now do not plan to attend.

I have not yet registered, but would attend the ISPA Europe Congress if ISPA decides to go ahead as planned.

I am not planning to attend the congress, but feel ISPA should proceed with the event.

I would like the congress to be cancelled and an attempt made to recover the members` money. Any monies accumulated should be put toward regional activities and/or additional regional research.

Please e-mail your response to [email protected] or fax to 1.859.226.4445 by Sunday, March 30, 2003. Members will be notified of the results next week.

Walker McNees concluded, “We are happy to report that the 2003 ISPA Asia-Pacific Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, is going ahead as planned, and we would like to see the ISPA Europe event proceed, as well, if this will serve as a member benefit. It is our hope that we strengthen your membership with ISPA and invest the resources necessary to help each member achieve their professional goals”.