Industry Stunned as ISPA Europe Congress 2003 is Cancelled

Following the International Spa Associationå‘s decision to close its European Chapter, ISPA Europe has announced that its forthcoming congress, scheduled to take place this May, in Stockholm, will no longer be going ahead.

In a press statement, ISPA Europe’s marketing chair Mark Silver said on behalf of ISPA Europe; “Given the circumstances, and the fact that there is no longer an ISPA Europe board of directors to make it happen, we feel that it is simply no longer appropriate to hold the European congress - it would just be too confusing and whole event would be overshadowed by the prospect of the Chapter’s closure.”
“We are concentrating on wrapping up ISPA Europe as soon as possible and there is no doubt that the European Chapter will be closed well before September,” he concluded.

According to Silver, anyone who has already booked a place at the European Congress will be reimbursed in full and should contact Mark Silver. Email: [email protected] for more details.

As the business of dismantling ISPA Europe continues, ex-ISPA Europe board members met at the Professional Spa Convention in London on Monday 24 March to discuss what should replace the European Chapter.
An announcement is expected shortly, but speculation is that ISPA Europe ex-directors are to form a new European spa association, which has been provisionally called the Spa Federation. The ex-directors, having confirmed the 2003 ISPA Europe Congress will not go ahead in May as planned, are implying that the new Spa Federation will hold its own conference in September.