Take Three - The New Travel Collection from Body Ultimate

According to reports, Kylie, Victoria Beckham, Tess Daly, Kelly Brook, Kate Winslet, and Madonna are all fans of the Body Ultimate skincare range, which works to revitalise skin and promises visible reduction in fine lines and imperfections.

The latest offering from Body Ultimate is the new Trio Travel Companion, which comprises: Face and Body Polish containing Green Papaya, an enzyme to dissolves damaged cells; Super Hydrating Formulation, with Hylauronic acid to plump the skin; and a unique collagen Therapy Gel that reverses the ageing the process without the use of needles.


Step One

Body Ultimate Face & Body Polish uses the highest concentrations of glycolic and fruit acid allowed without medical supervision. It will lift and rejuvenate tired skin whilst helping rid the body of toxins and impurities. Principle ingredient, Green Papaya, is an enzyme that dissolves dead and damaged cells. It guarantees healthy, radiant skin as it sloughs away dead skin cells by increasing the oxygen flow to the dermis. Suitable for all skin types, it is especially effective on dry skin as it contains no harsh abrasives. The polish aids the elimination of superficial scar tissue, fighting acne or problem skin zones.

Step Two

Body Ultimate Super Hydrating Formulation has been designed to quench thirsty skin. Containing a Hylauronic acid, which improves the skin surface and texture, it gives optimum protection. The moisture is drawn from the natural surroundings and the Super Hydration Formulation can absorb up to twenty times its own weight, only stopping when the skin has reached its optimum levels of re-hydration.


Step Three

Body Ultimate Collagen Therapy Gel is a real breakthrough in reversing the ageing process for both men and women. An exciting advance in the fight against ageing, this offers a non-invasive, pain free alternative to subcutaneous Collagen and Botox injections. Body Ultimate’s Collagen Therapy Gel is a hydrolysed wheat protein system with constituent particles so minute, they penetrate barriers that normal emulsions cannot, providing immediate smoothing of fine lines. As part of the ageing process this delicate framework can become weakened due to free radical damage and exposure to UV rays. This delicately textured gel infuses the skin, restoring the fibres and providing a natural protective micro-emulsion (colloid) that helps soften lines.