Life Coach Arrives at London’s Celebrity Clinic

The Joshi Clinic in central London, which embraces the ethos å‘prevention is better than cureå’ with a uniquely holistic approach to wellbeing, has recently welcomed Merry Graham to its talented team of experts.

Articulate, confident and elegantly poised, Merry Graham is ideally suited to her new position at the The Joshi Clinic as Counsellor and Life Coach Expert. She exudes a powerful calm that enables her to treat anyone from starring actors and high-powered executives to families with parenting concerns.
Merry has a business and marketing background but later diversified into theatre, neuro-linguistic programming, counselling, dance and colour therapy. This staggering breadth of experience enables Merry to tackle a whole range of personal and practical problems, including: Addictions - Anxiety - Bereavement - Body Awareness - Career Development -Confidence Building - Depression - Financial Management - Leadership Development - Presentation Skills - Relationship Difficulties - Setting up a Business - Weight Loss.


A firm believer in a holistic approach, Merry`s philosophy is three fold; “We are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings so a person must be treated as a whole. Life is about balance. We must strive to be as natural as possible and avoid all the chemicals and drugs of the modern world.” Merry encourages all her clients to be self-responsible, “To accept that we play a part in all the situations that we are involved in, and to take responsibility for the situations we have created.”

Merry is offering four basic treatments:

Life Balancing and Coaching. This allows the individual to assess all the aspects of life, and implement long term plans.

Leadership Skills. Designed to overcome the loneliness of being at the top, this gives the individual the managerial skills relevant to contemporary work.

Body Confidence and Presentation. Provides a `confidential space` to learn new skills for stage or for life, suitable for performers and business people.

Counselling. Uncovers the deep-rooted issues behind everyday problems.



There is a precise structure behind each consultation and treatment involves:

An examination of each the individual`s wholeness - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Drawing up of a life balance map.

A personality assessment - to investigate the best method of proceeding based on each person`s unique identity.

A comprehensive look at an individual`s six foundation stones - self-esteem, identity, belonging, affection, health and finances.

An investigation of the appropriate learning style - necessary to effect real and lasting change.

An assessment of emotional literacy - to see how anger, fear, grief and joy are used.

Merry Graham concludes, “I share with clients one simple purpose: to support them to fulfill their true potential. As it takes eight weeks to change a behaviour, initial consultations usually span six to eight weeks and the client is encouraged to vary contact as necessary and go and experiment in the meanwhile”.