Ancient Spring Inspires the Kerstin Florian Skincare Collection

The health benefits of Hungaryå‘s mineral waters have been recognised throughout history. Especially renowned are the waters from the thermal spring at Sarvar, a small village 150 miles west of Budapest. Medical tests documenting beneficial results have led the Hungarian Ministry of Health to designate the waters of Sarvar Spring to be å‘a medicinal waterå’.

So high is the concentration of mineral components that in 1985 a plant was licensed to be build and a revolutionary process implemented to distil the water’s mineral elements into a salt form. Now, after years of exhaustive research, Kerstin Florian, Inc. has found the way both to convert the distilled mineral salts into a concentrated crystal form, and to incorporate the beneficial powers of the Sarvar Spring waters into its Thermal Mineral Kur product line.

The Thermal Mineral Kur is a unique collection of body and skincare treatments containing the concentration of thermal minerals and trace elements needed to effectively cleanse and condition the skin while helping to remineralise deficient cells.
When used together during an intensive Kur spa treatment regimen - centred around spa baths and mud-related treatments over a 10-20 day period -  the minerals and trace elements found in each product work to relax the surface tension of the skin, allowing the pores to readily absorb the products beneficial ingredients.