New Nail Technology Heralds the Permanent Manicure

As nail services become an increasingly popular aspect of many spa beauty packages, it would seem that the advancement of application is keeping pace.

News this week that South African company, Bio Sculpture Gel Nails, has developed the most advanced intense nail colour technology, will be well received by beauty spas.

The future of nail colour is a hi-gloss gel that sets in two minutes under a UVA lamp. As an alternative to the popular French Manicure, often requested in spas, the gel replaces the nail polish during a manicure and pedicure. When wiped with non-acetone nail polish remover, it will not be removed like ordinary nail polish and the nail colour does not chip or wear away at the free edge.

The company claims, “Bio Sculpture Nails may look and feel like any other manicure, but clients can be guaranteed a perfect manicure that simply stays put - whether they are climbing Kilimanjaro or soaking in the spa”.

Bio Sculpture gel nails can be clear, French polish or a choice of over 50 shades for fingernails and toenails. It leaves a shiny, flexible, durable protection and gives a neat, well-groomed appearance with a thin, natural nail finish. The gel can be applied over natural nails, and is compatible with all types of nail extensions.
The clear and colour gel is removed by soaking the nails in Bio Sculpture Soak Off / Gel remover without any damage to the natural nail. The gel coating can also strengthen, condition and promote the growth of natural nails.


Company MD, Rene Lipsitz, previously an international business woman with a successful personalised printing company and no time to spare for time-consuming manicures, stated, “I found this product in South Africa and had never seen anything like it in my life. I had a manicure and my nails stayed perfect for weeks. I contacted the company and told them that I wanted to get involved. I believe a brilliant product sells itself and Bio Sculpture Gel certainly does”.