A Natural Lift from Body Ultimate

Spa-goers looking for a body boost are turning to the Natural Bust Lift Treatment from Body Ultimate, which claims to be the most powerful non-surgical technique for a firmer, more lifted bust in 60 minutes.

The Natural Bust Lift applies the most advanced Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Technology, with 24 independent EMS Outlets, eight different wave shapes and a frequency response range from 0.1Hz to 800 Hz, a customised lift is achieved according to the shape of the bust and its exact needs.

This treatment uses both a faradic (intermittent) and galvanic (constant) micro currents to stimulate muscle fibres, which achieves a toning effect and improves surface skin texture. Stick-on treatment pads are precisely positioned to achieve optimum results. The pads firm, lift and enhance the contours of the breasts. The treatment works to tone, condition and restructure the skin, firming the bust area and restoring elasticity.

Body Ultimate Skincare Bust Firming Gel is first applied to the area to infuse the skin with an active blend of Cedarwood, Lemongrass and Petitgrain extracts. This instantly enhances skin tone, plumping and lifting the area for an immediate lifting effect.

Essential oils work in harmony with vitamins A and E to stimulate cell renewal, leaving the skin smooth. The refreshing gel restructures the tissues of the bust to control sagging whilst maintaining a shapely bust line. It lifts the surface layer of the skin improving the contour and shape of the bust. One treatment will show immediate and dramatic results, and a course of four to six is recommended for lasting results.