Spa Expansion at Boca Raton

The prestigious Boca Raton Resort and Club in Florida has doubled its number of spa treatment suites from 22 to 45. The 50,000 sq-ft Spa Palazzo, which was unveiled a year ago, has also recently opened a Spa Cabana on the beach and a new beauty salon.

Guests can now enjoy an enhanced spa massage menu in any one of the 45 treatment rooms at the Spa Palazzo, Boca Raton Resort and Club. Designed in the style of Spain’s Alhambra Palace with dramatic archways and cathedral windows, the elegant sanctuary of health and rejuvenation features a wet room, sun terraces, 10,000 sq-ft of palatial gardens with waterfall whirlpools, and a spa pool with underwater music.

Spa Palazzo’s treatments can best be described as unique; the Palazzo Baths present a restorative water ritual, the trilogy programme combines three rejuvenation treatments, while Spa Palazzo’s signature treatments feature the bathing ritual with unique services. However, like most spas around the world, many guests choose to build their experience around a massage, the company states;
“There is a very good reason for this phenomenon - everyone can appreciate the benefits of massage. And whether one seeks relaxation and escape or tuning the body for a decisive edge, the wonderful thing about massage is, based on technique, pressure and atmosphere one can achieve very different outcomes. Selected from cultures around the world, the 15 different types and techniques offered at Spa Palazzo assure that there is something entirely satisfying for every desire”. 

Masters of Massage

Many beginners gravitate toward the traditional Palazzo Swedish massage, although Spa Palazzo’s staff are masters in more exotic offerings…
Thai massage is an incredibly nurturing experience as gentle compressions and passive rocking and yoga-like movements are combined to relax the body and mind. Shiatsu on the other hand employs a stronger touch using “shi” (finger) and “atsu” (pressure) to stimulate and release blockages along the energy pathways.Reiki is of Japanese-origin and utilizes a gentle placing of the hands to bring energy into the body, relieving stress and fatigue.

Other Spa Palazzo massages rely on atmosphere to alter the scenario. Oceanfront, aromatherapy, and couple’s massages are all suberb variations. Sports massage is ideal after workouts, tennis or golf, while synchronised massage is truly exceptional as two therapists work in harmony, simultaneously.
There seems to be no end to the list of possibilities as massages can be combined with a multitude of other treatments and services. This incredible diversity plays a large role in helping Spa Palazzo achieve a formula for relaxation and restoration rivaled by few.