Blue Star Jets Selected as Exclusive Private Air Travel Partner for Canyon Ranch Health Resorts

Blue Star Jets has announced a partnership with Canyon Ranch Health Resorts. According to the agreement, the company has been designated the exclusive private air travel partner for both Canyon Ranch Health Resort properties located in Tucson, Arizona, and The Berkshires, Lenox, Massachusetts.

Picture :The 11,000 sq-ft Aquatic Centre at Canyon Ranch, Tucson

Guests at Canyon Ranch, an award-winning vacation destination dedicated to healthy living, will receive a discount on all Blue Star Jets flights worldwide, whilst Blue Star Jets Sky Card Holders will receive discounts and upgrades, when available, at Canyon Ranch Health Resorts. 

The company, Blue Star Jets, which provides a variety of private jet transportation services states, “By not purchasing a fractional ownership of one specific aircraft, Blue Star Jets’ customers can select a plane based on their travel needs (i.e., long or short haul, number of passengers, etc.) Blue Star Jets anticipates ever customer requirement and has the resources to get them the specific aircraft they need every time”.

Blue Star Jets also operates a Sky Card programme, whereby clients can purchase a $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 or $500,000 debit card to use toward jet services. This programme is unique in that it is free of acquisition costs, maintenance or membership fees, and money deposited in each individual account earns 6% interest in travel dollars each year. Sky Card holders also have the option to authorise its use by family, friends and business associates.