Thalasso-Spa at Masseria San Domenico Introduces La Prairie

Home to one of Italyå‘s best Thalassotherapy spas, the Masseria San Domenico in Puglia, has announced the introduction of spa treatments using the exclusive La Prairie product range.

The Masseria San Domenico lies about five hundred meters from the sea on the coast between Bari and Brindisi. Together with a swimming pool, private beach, tennis courts and 18-hole golf course, San Domenic has an outstanding Thalassotherapy Centre which will now incorporating the luxury La Prairie line to its spa treatments.


The Thalassotherapy spa at San Domenico comprises; Pool Thalgoceane, Thalaterm, Thalgojet, Pressoterapia, Kneipp itineraries, Water gym, gymnasium, sauna and Turkish bath. All Thalassotherapy treatments incorporate the essential element; sea water. Its salinity is very rich in minerals and the abundance of trace elements also makes it a primary source of purification for the human organism. In order to obtain the maximum from these benefits, international thalassotherapeutic experts, in particular, Thalgo, have performed research to extract the greatest benefits from sea water, while retaining its nature and potency.

The water used at the centre is drawn from a deep underground stratum, which sits at about 400 meters below sea level. This water is also completely purified by means of filters and then heated to optimum temperatures. Another extremely beneficial sea material used at the centre is seaweed. This seaweed has vast concentrations of minerals and vitamins, indispensable for the improvement of biological functions. Here the seaweed is crushed and micropolverised and then added to sea water in hydromassage and compresses. Sea water and seaweed are also offered as an exceptional cocktail producing an equilibrating, tonic which has an invigorating and detoxifying effect.


Masseria San Domenico is a member of The Great Spa Hotels of the World, a global alliance of over 250 luxury hotels and resorts where all member properties are carefully selected to satisfy the demands of discerning travellers.