Spa Treasures Stolen from Malvern Museum

One of the UKå‘s favourite Spa Museums, the Priory Gatehouse Museum in Malvern, has been burgled and many of its treasured items of spa memorabilia stolen.

Located in Worcestershire and housed in the medieval Priory Gatehouse, the museum exhibits include artifacts relating to Malvern`s development as a spa, geology and heritage over 1,000 years.

Whilst a major search is currently underway, The Spas Directory is also trying to assist the museum in recovering important items and has published a list on its website. Dr Bruce Osborne of The Spas Directory said, “This appeal will be of special interest to burglars. We are hoping that collectors of spa souvenirs will keep an eye out for any of the items listed as missing, many of which were donated or loaned by friends of the Museum and are not particularly valuable but special to Malvern”.