Mobile Photo-Phones Create Concern for Spas

It seems that the latest communication technology is finding its way into the sanctuary of the spa-world, with some alarming results.

According to a recent report by the The Spas Directory, mobile photo-phones are becoming a spa menace. Apparently, voyeurs are using the photo-phones to capture and transmit images via the new phones which, at the press of a button, take a picture that can then be emailed.

The report went on to say that two men were allegedly caught in a Scottish health club taking pictures of other naked men and sending the images into cyberspace. It also seems that women are active in this new photo-phone pastime and further reports claim visitors to have taken pictures of themselves partially dressed to send to friends.

In Japan the handsets broadcast a warning but elsewhere this is not the case. Dr Bruce Osborne of The Spas Directory advises, “Beware, the mobile phone menace can be more than just an unwelcome ringing tone”.

Picture: DHD Photo Gallery