Wildfitness Wins Best Body & Soul Holiday

Wildfitness has been awarded with the Best Body and Soul Holiday, at the Harpers and Queen Travel Awards.
It is currently featured in the Harperså’ January supplement of The 150 Best Places on Earth, alongside other world-class destinations.

Wildfitness prides itself on providing the perfect location for the wild approach to advanced health. The company’s unique attitude can supply, it claims; “What is necessary to obtain permanent health and fitness at a high level - the Wildfitness course is revolutionary because people are pushed to their physical limits. The functional approach makes them agile, coordinated, and fit for life. It also equips them with relevant, evidence-based knowledge.”

Wildfitness has a holistic integrity, incorporating all the aspects needed for all-round health including, nutrition, relaxation, training, and acquisition of knowledge. It presents a six week course, offering a unique opportunity to enhance skills and fitness, to instigate a deep and permanent change in physical state. The course is also personalised to the extent that participants can focus on training for a particular sport or goal, as well as training in accordance to certain body types and abilities.

After much exertion, Wildfitness candidates can chill-out in the luxurious Baraka House, set on Watamu Beach, South East Kenya, where accommodation comes complete with balconies overlooking the Indian Ocean and panoramic rooftop views.
Watamu is a sleepy fishing village on one of the top-ten beaches in the world, flanked by Mida creek (a turtle breeding area), Watamu is a designated UN area of outstanding natural beauty, while opposite, there are teeming coral reefs and stretching back is the intriguing Sokoke forest reserve.