The Art of Exclusive WellbeingLa Prairie Arrives at Whatley Manor

Whatley Manor, an exclusive, privately owned hotel in the UK due to open early summer 2003, will be setting new standards in luxury, service and style
. Its exclusive European-style spa, Aquarias, is to feature one of La Prairieå‘s prestigious five-star Art of Beauty centres, using La Prairie treatments and products. These centres are found only in the most elite hotels and spa destinations throughout the world.

The Art of Beauty is the ultimate expression of La Prairie’s unrivaled expertise and offers a range of treatment products known the world over for its unique blend of pure luxury and effectiveness. 

Christian Landolt, owner of Whatley Manor, says, “La Prairie was a natural partner for us at Whatley Manor, as they share many of the same values as us, and provide the levels of excellence that we will be offering ourselves. Our guests are likely to be busy, well travelled individuals, used to the very best, and looking for the ultimate retreat and relaxation. What better way for them to switch off than by enjoying La Prairie’s Five Star Art of Beauty treatments, in the beautiful surrounding of Whatley Manor.”

La Prairie states, “The Art of Beauty responds to the requests of La Prairie’s widely travelled clientele who expect professional attention to their beauty needs - wherever they happen to be in the world.”
As a natural extension of La Prairie’s global concept of wellbeing, The Art of Beauty salons can be found in many of the world’s best-known and beautiful places. Reflecting the long-standing La Prairie principle of the exclusive positioning of its luxurious products to fulfill the expectations of La Prairie’s demanding customers.

A variety of massage is an integral part of every treatment regime at The Art of Beauty, inspired by the notion that the power of touch an essential human need. These massages combine elements of French effleurage, Japanese shiatsu and acupressure on relaxation points and concentrate on specific parts of the face and body - to achieve the ultimate feeling of pampered pleasure.


Treatments offered in The Art of Beauty centres simply have to be experienced to be believed, they respond to conditions, lifestyles and expectations. All of which enhance the specific benefits of La Prairie products and add to an uplifted appearance and supreme sense of wellbeing.