Virtual Reality for Elemis Day-Spa

The inspirational Elemis Day-Spa in Mayfair, London, is now featured on-line as a unique virtual spa experience.

Picture:Elemis day-spa reception lounge
Spa visitors will be able to walk into a world of complete sensory heaven as they enter the Elemis Day Spa, virtually, for a unique journey that has been created for pure pleasure and peace. The Elemis day-spa is a sensory space for men and women to escape from the stress and pressures of everyday life. Designed to subconsciously stimulate all the senses, visitors can enter a luxurious world which blends of exotic cultures, colours and textures from around the world, including Bali, Tibet, Polynesia, Japan, Morocco and Thailand.


The unique Virtually Spas website has become an essential tool for international spa travellers. Easy to navigate, with useful links and presented in 11 different languages, the Virtually Spas website enables visitors to choose a location and browse through a picture gallery of 360 degree images for an unsurpassed virtual spa experience.
Using the unrivalled viewing experience of iPIX imaging, the website will guide visitors through the highlights of some of the world`s very best spas - giving spa visitors, quite literally, the world at their fingertips!

Sean Harrington, CEO of Elemis says, Virtually Spas has had the vision to create an excellent consumer tool that leads the industry into new forms of interactive communication. It will give consumers the confidence in their spa choice, whilst bringing the global spa market closer to home. The spa industry in general has been slow to utilise the internet, however, in the next few years, the internet will be a key area of development.
“With the advent of online retail partnerships, the confidence of selling and monitoring spa gift vouchers online, plus the increasing cross over of spas into other industries, this website will help further increase our visual presence on the web and in the minds of consumers”.