A Breath of Fresh Air at Macau’s First Day Spa

The worldå‘s first fully oxygenated, pollution free day spa, Spa Philosophy, has opened in Macau

The vision of Spa Philosophy, (SP) was borne out of a need to create a totally unique day spa in Macau and will be operated as a sophisticated centre of healing and relaxation. With an inspiring variety of luxurious lifestyle spa services, Spa Philosophy has designed a signature menu of Oriental and European treatments of authentic spa therapies.

The primary focus is on regaining or maintaining balance - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual-by using popular spa treatments such as SP’s highly developed signature body treatments, coupled with aromatherapy, presented exclusively by Aromatherapy Associates.
The spa management states, “Our goal is to help the body naturally repair itself without medication and to offer a place for people to nurture themselves, not just by taking care of skin and hair, but by becoming fundamentally strong and healthy.”

In addition to its soothing interiors and world-class health and beauty treatments, the air at Spa Philosophy is free of the dangerous pollutants which are encountered both outdoors and inside air-conditioned buildings. This has been made possible by the installation of an Oxyvital air processing unit, which ensures that only fresh, clean air circulates throughout the spa’s 3,500 sq-ft facilities.
The fresh air feature has been scientifically proven by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, to dramatically reduce all the major pollutants identified by the World Health Organisation as being of most concern. These include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, radon, respirable suspended particulates, total volatile compounds, and nitrogen dioxide. It also shows that inhaling clean air promotes restful sleep, overcomes fatigue and improves the skin’s health.

Singapore based consultants Spa Synergy, was involved in the creation of this unique pollution free spa. Spa Synergy, one of the world`s first Spa Lifestyle Experience Companies, works closely with hoteliers, developers, investors and owners to create the next spa lifestyle trends.