Essential Skincare for High-Fliers

Body Ultimate Skincare Super Hydrating Formulation has been designed to quench thirsty skin, making it perfect for long haul flights. It is said that celebrities such as Rachel Stevens, Cat Deeley and Ulrika Jonnson love this beauty essential to replenish and revitalise dull skin.

The effects of flying and the environment can reduce the efficiency of the skin as it becomes dehydrated by exposure to pollution, central heating and air conditioning. To combat these negative effects the skin requires maximum hydration, and continual protection.

A Super Hydrating Formulation, created by Body Ultimate, provides maximum impact on the early signs of ageing and dehydration, promising visible reduction in fine lines and imperfections, to leave skin glowing with health and vitality.

Containing Hylauronic acid, which has the ability to attract large quantities of moisture, it improves the surface skin texture and provides protection.
The moisture is drawn from the natural surroundings and the Super Hydration Formulation can absorb up to twenty times its own weight, only stopping when the skin has reached its optimum levels of re-hydration.