New Hydra Refine Range from Repêchage

Rep̻chage, the international authority on seaweed-based skincare and cosmetics, has announced the launch of its pioneering new skin care line specially formulated to treat normal to oily skin.

Using only the very best natural ingredients, this revolutionary new range controls shine whilst targeting other common problems associated with oily skin. Hydra Refine’s exclusive formula combines laminaria saccharina seaweed, lemongrass, lily of the valley and cucumber to ensure reduction in oil without loss of hydration, restoring the skin’s natural balance, purity and clarity. Five therapeutic products rich in vitamins and minerals complete this innovative regime promising to deliver a visible, long-lasting result.

The new Repêchage collection comprises;
Hydra Refine Cleansing Mousse, Hydra Refine Astringent Pads, Hydra Refine Pore Perfecting Serum, Hydra Refine One-Minute Clarifying Mask, and Hydra Refine Eye Contour Gel . Repêchage combines nature and science to produce a comprehensive range of spa and salon treatments and products, proven to nourish and deliver enduring, noticeable results.