Daily Mail Tests the Waters in St Lucia

A report by Andrew Morrod in the UK Daily Mail newspaper makes an interesting read for visitors to simply beautiful St Lucia.

Morrod states, “Twenty years ago the first all-inclusive hotel in the Caribbean tempted Brits with the promise that once you arrived, you could chuck your wallet in the suitcase and forget about it for a fortnight.
Since then, there`s been an explosion in all-inclusives, especially around the sheltered bays of the verdant west coast of St Lucia.
As a general rule, if you`re a doer with a bit of get-up-and-go, then you may well get a healthy return on your investment in an all-inclusive holiday.
But if you won`t budge from your sun lounger, you probably won`t.

To test the theory, he flew to the all-inclusive Le Sport on the northern tip of St Lucia, a World Travel Award-winning, hotel which markets The Body Holiday.

Take a look at the Daily Mail for the full story.