Intelligent Spas Policies & Procedures Report

Standard policies and procedures to help spas achieve consistently higher performance, stronger client and employee satisfaction, and lower operational costs, has been released by Intelligent Spas Ltd.

As a standard for policies, operations and treatments relevant to spa operations, the 100 page report looks set to be a valuable tool for the industry professional. It aims to assist spas or larger salons, refine existing operations, develop a new customised manual or expand their current spa services. It has been specifically designed to be applied to a range of facilities offering, or planning to offer, spa treatments by providing a step-by-step guide with inspiration and guidance.

Julie Garrow, director of Intelligent Spas and author of Spa Policies and Procedures states, “Policies and procedures guide the operations of the spa by promoting efficiency, productivity, consistency and quality. They also provide an effective means of communication between management and employees. If designed and implemented correctly, they can significantly impact a spa’s bottom line”.


Standard policies and procedures relevant to spa and salon operations, incorporating: General Management. Human Resource Management. Spa Preparation. Client Interaction. Standarised Spa Treatments. Step-by-step guide to developing a spas own manual. Templates and examples to get started. Focus on three popular Asian spa treatments: Javanese Lulur, Mandi Susu Bath and Indonesian Cream Hair Bath.




Higher profits through more efficient operations. Stronger client satisfaction. Healthier employee relations and loyalty. Consistently better performance.