Security from Suffixe

The French market leader, Suffixe, renown for first-class sports locker room equipment, is searching for partners and distributors in the UK and Western Europe.

The company, which supplies a huge range of prefabricated changing cabins, lockers and benches, has patented the Modulo®, a unique locker that has received approval from the French Ministry of Youth and Sports.
Initially designed to resist acts of vandalism in public swimming pool locker rooms, it now equips more than 140 pools in France, exports to several countries, and has recently been introduced in Australia.

Modulo® takes the form of a cylinder without a door, which opens and closes by rotation. With a diameter of 410 mm and available in four
heights, the structure made of polycarbonate and also composed of robust and rust-proof materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel.
Its modular design means considerable savings in floor space and hygiene is reinforced as each locker has a hole to evacuate water and natural and permanent ventilation.

Each bay is equipped with an electronic terminal which controls the 24V electromagnetic locks hidden in the structure, using a keyboard and personal codes, eliminating all risk of losing the key and thus forced
entry. Personnel can also access the various functions with specific codes on the same keyboard, in order to assist users.

These terminals are connected to a supervision PC with software which facilitates the task of the operator and optimises the management and
security of the installation; tests, display and locker status, reservations, alarms, personnel intervention, receipts, data back-up and remote maintenance by the internet. In the event of a control or evacuation, general and simultaneous opening of the lockers can be controlled from the PC in a few seconds.


The company claims that no other locker can better meet security needs in locker rooms and Suffixe is currently searching for partners and distributors in the UK and Western Europe.