Optimum Nutrition for the Mind

Patrick Holford, the leading light in fresh approaches to health and nutrition has written a significant new book, Optimum Nutrition for the Mind.

Although not officially on the shelves until January 2003, the publication has already sold out of its first print run and has received rave reviews from both mental health professionals and the press, making it an essential addition to any spa, health or retreat library

Reports reveal that mental health problems - ranging from attention deficit disorder to Alzheimer`s, depression and schizophrenia - are fast becoming the number one health issue this century, with one in four people suffering at some point in their life.

Celebrity nutritional expert, Patrick Holford, says, “Having worked with thousands of people with these problems, and researched the underlying causes, I have come to the conclusion that most can be prevented, and in many cases reversed, by a fundamentally new approach to mental well-being. My tried-and-tested cure is simple - diet and nutritional supplements.”

Professor André Tylee of the Institute of Psychiatry comments, “This is the breakthrough we`ve been waiting for”, while the Daily Mail`s Hazel Courtney writes; “This book is of groundbreaking significance. You`ve got to read it”.