Deep Muscle Massage at the Elemis Day-Spa

Exclusive launch of the new Deep Tissue Muscle Massage at the Elemis day-spa, London, was announced today

Noella Gabriel, Director of Treatment Development for Elemis, has designed the ultimate massage to treat both professional and amateur athletes.

Elemis’ unique Deep Tissue Muscle Massage is being hailed as the latest ultimate ideal for treating active muscles, soothing aching joints and giving the whole body a vigorous workout.

Frequent exercisers, runners, joggers and yoga addicts alike, all develop a special dense layer of muscle which requires a particular massage technique to stimulate and work deeper on the body to warm and relax large muscle areas.
As Noella explains, “The combination of advanced muscle techniques allows the therapist to apply a greater depth of pressure, not only relieving muscular aches and pains but also breaking down blockages and lactic acid. These specialised techniques help soften muscle tension and relieve swelling around the muscle layer.”

Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage encompasses a range of deep, rhythmic movements, applied using every part of the fingers, thumbs, knuckles, heal and palm of the hand, elbow and forearm to the full arm stretch. Applied with just a single stroke, these healing movements create the feeling of multiple hands massaging the body.

Once inside the comfort of the Elemis day-spa, an in-depth lifestyle consultation is carried out to ascertain the client’s needs and deliver a professional and prescribed massage. A burner is lit and the warm aroma of Elemis Rosemary Essential Oil diffuses the air, whilst the gentle flickering of a candle aids relaxation. The therapist then begins with the signature cleansing ritual, the Elemis Welcome Touch. A warm aromatic compress is applied to the feet to focus the senses and centre the client through grounding touches and abdominal breathing techniques.

The Welcome Touch is followed with Elemis Body Brushing. Using gentle strokes, the entire surface of the body is swept with a natural Cactus Brush to stimulate blood circulation and increase the absorption of Essential Oils into the system and warm the body’s outer dermis layer.


Once fully relaxed following the rituals, the massage can begin. Elemis Musclease Active Body Concentrate is applied using long and warming effleurage strokes along the full length of the body. This premium aromatherapy concentrate is a powerful synergy of Rosemary and Pine Essential Oils, combined with detoxifying sea plants. Rosemary is renowned for its analgesic properties whilst Pine is recognised for its ability to stimulate circulation. The oil is worked into the body, warming the muscle layer and leaving it satin soft and smooth. As the rhythmical massage proceeds the strokes go deeper and the therapist uses forearm kneading to build up to a sciatic relief roll.
The therapist moves to focus on Deep Calf and Thigh Release to stimulate the muscle tissue. With the body muscles now warm and relaxed, special attention is paid to the back using techniques such as four finger tissue pinch, shoulder loosening, squeezing and rolling. The experience closes with a friction extension of tissue layers.

This therapeutic massage equals the physical value of a daily work out. The combination of massage skills employed in the Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage is deep enough to help broaden and stretch the soft tissue whilst toning the skin and improving circulation. It is a very effective massage when applied to bulky muscle groups, creating space around the muscle fibres thus relieving tension in the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle. 

The Deep Tissue Muscle Massage is highly recommended for people with conditions such as; lower back pain, shoulder and neck pains and tensions, muscle spasms and tight muscles around the thighs and calf areas. This unique massage therapy, £70, is available exclusively at the Elemis day-spa, Mayfair London. T: +44 (0) 20 7499 4995.