Thermoplast V37 Anti-Cellulite Technology

Adsat International has launched an exciting technological breakthrough in body slimming which is set to revolutionised the way people shed unwanted fat and cellulite.

Thermoplast V37 is the latest scientific development that utilises VHF radio waves to stimulate water and fat molecules and expel them from the body via the lymphatic drainage system.

Extensive tests conducted in France on more than 150 people, with different body shapes and biological make-up, confirmed scientific belief that Thermoplast V37 technology works. Over 80 percent of the volunteers tested, lost on average, between one and three inches. 

Results showed reduction of fat and cellulite from around the areas of the waist, the thighs and even the hard-to-shift hip area after just one 30-minute session. Claims are that the importance of Thermoplast V37 is not only its ability to remove cellulite and unwanted fat, but its ability to remove permanently.

Thermoplast V37 is being proclaimed a world-first, in providing an excellent opportunity for spas to be part of a new era in the industry’s future, where technology offers a painless, effortless and effective solution to body slimming. 


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