Marine Supplements from Thalgo

A new department at Thalgo, Thalgo Nutrition, announces four beauty supplements, all based on Marine ingredients.

Finding renewed popularity at this time of year is the Thalgo, Ocea Draine - a 10 day detox. Its powerful ingredients of black radish, artichoke, fennel and algae make it the perfect post-Christmas tonic and a superb start to any Thalgo treatment.

A fantastic addition to the health plan will enable the body to `recharge itself`. Its balancing effect will give the body long lasting vitality. Based on algae, plant extracts, sea minerals and vitamins. It is also a good complement to slimming, to avoid deficiencies and preserve vitality throughout the diet.

This `anti-stress` programme created to help improve the way of life and fight all types of stress. Based on sea magnesium and algae to re-energise and revitalise after just 1 month.

The active ingredients in Ocea Svelt have been rigorously selected to enable effective weight loss when combined with a calorie controlled diet. Enriched with Fucus and chromium, which are excellent to promote weight loss.

This powerful anti-oxidant has been selected to deeply moisten the skin and protect it against external aggression, prevent ageing and stimulate cellular regeneration. With a combination of vitamins results are dramatic.


Supplements are recommended as a minimum course for three months except Thalgo Tonic, which is recommended as an intensive one month programme.

All Thalgo products incorporate the purest natural ingredients from marine or plant origin rich in minerals, trace elements, proteins, amino-acids and vitamins carefully selected for their effectiveness and superb results. The company uses the latest technology to create high performance products suitable for all ages, all skin types and for both men and women. Thalgo products are not tested on animals.