BISA Presidents Report

The British International Spa Association AGM 2002 announced a time of steady progress for the Association. The most gratifying outcome being that BISA is now being recognised as a body with interests in high standards for both spa therapy and education in spa therapy.

While BISA still has a comparatively small membership, all members are dedicated to the regulation and growth of the spa industry and it has established membership in five overseas countries. This year the association welcomes to the Council, Rita Sharkey and Dr. Bruce Osborne.

The British International Spa Association has also announced on The Spas Directory, that it intends to extend its 5 Wave accreditation for spa establishments to encompass spa towns. The new 6 Wave rating will be awarded to a spa town that meets the stringent criteria laid down by the BISA Council. This includes a resort within the town qualifying for the 1-5 Wave rating and the town demonstrating that its spa infrastructure includes medical overseeing of certain treatments, a training school for therapists and all the regular aspects of a spa such as accommodation, natural waters and of course water based therapies. The BISA 1-5 accreditation scheme has been under trial for two years and is now being rolled out world-wide as the premier quality standards assurance scheme for spas.

BISA’s Grading System
The British International Spa Association seeks to establish quality standards in the Spas and Health Resorts industries.
On The Spas Directory, a Spa or Resort that displays the ‘recognised’ symbol is one of many establishments world wide where BISA have identified quality standards that comply with the Wave of Approval scheme.

Requirements for BISA recognition:-
All Spas recognised by BISA and using the option of grading by waves must be working within their wave grading. They must offer a totally professional standard of treatments, and fully trained therapists must administer the treatments. The therapists must be Spa trained therapists, except in the case of the 1 Wave grade. Where therapists have had two years of Spa experience, they may apply for verification to a BISA approved Spa School in order to upgrade from Associate Member to Full Membership.


Wave 1
Treatment Centre offering Spa Treatments or scientific documentation employing one therapist (non-specific - not necessarily spa qualified).

Wave 2
As 1 Wave and employing Spa therapist. Wet and Dry treatments. Offers minimum 2 treatments. Noise pollution limitation.

Wave 3
As 2 Waves plus rest area, pool. Offers minimum 4 treatments, obvious degree of spaciousness. No evidence of domestic quality furnishings. Good standard lighting, minimum 5 rooms for treatments. Outlets must submit floor plan with application.

Wave 4
As 3 Waves plus healthy diet restaurant, nutritional consultation, spacious, higher staffing level - minimum 4 Spa therapists. Reception area, good standard decor. Services of visiting physiotherapists, 10 spa treatments, sauna and plunge pool. Well-maintained modern equipment. Senior therapist should have minimum 2 years experience, with a positive attitude and be able to give inter-personal consultations with guidance and advice on ailments.

Wave 5
As 4 Waves plus medical doctor available for consultations, 4 Spa trained therapists, staff to have technical and social knowledge with emphasis on quality and care. There should be an excellent level of spaciousness in reception, corridors and rest areas. There should be a light diet room and restaurant