Finders Professional Products Selected By SpaCare International

SpaCare International is to use Finders Professional products, treatments and equipment in all its Aspara spas, located in up-market hotels throughout Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

Headquartered in the scenic countryside of Kent, England, Finders International, was founded in 1981, and specialises in the production of body and face treatment products utilising natural elements from the sea, in particular the Dead Sea.

It was the first company to produce a full line of professional Dead Sea products, Finders Professional, and in the U.K over 600 health farms, beauty clinics and spas utilise these professional product treatments and formulations.

The company has created a new division called Finders Spa Services, which specialises in the supply of the unique ‘Hydrofloat System’. This is a new invention that emulates the Dead Sea floatation and has recently been acknowledged by the professional journals as “The ultimate relaxation experience”.

SpaCare Managing Director, Peter Sng, said of its association, “The company is focused on developing The Aspara to be the premier brand name in spas. All are located in prestigious hotels and resorts throughout Asia. It is essential that we offer clients a total spa experience. We are setting up Finders Hydrofloatation Centres which will include the Aqualux sun and sea treatments”.


In 1991 Finders International entered the mass markets with its brand Dead Sea Spa Magik, which became the market leader in Dead Sea products - these are sold in approx 8000 health shops, department stores and chemists. A recent development in this range was the introduction of natural seaweed ingredients mixed with Dead Sea salts and mud.

Finders has a policy of continuous training and has opened the Finders Spa Training School. The school principal is Mrs Joan Thornycroft, who has an international reputation in the health and beauty field.