Pevonia’s Natural Micronized Moroccan Rassoul

One of the worldå‘s leading professional face, body and spa skincare companies has introduced the Pevonia Rassoul…A Moroccan past for a powerful and healthy present and future.

Anciently referred to as Rassoul or Ghassoul, this extraordinary micronized natural brown mud comes from the warm fertile valleys of Morocco. Since the XII century, Moroccans used Rassoul as a daily therapeutic source for skin cleansing and purification, dermatitis, sensitivities, smoothing rough or scaly skin, seborrheic skin and scalp and hair treatments. The underground mining of Rassoul originally commenced with ancient North African civilizations.
Scientist underwent research and analysis procedures to discover the reasons for the astonishing visible results delivered by Rassoul. All of the completed research led to the confirmation that Rassoul contained earth`s most natural, most necessary health and beauty elements: Silicium, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Sodium.
Rassoul is completely in sync with human skin and unlike any other mud, contains absolutely no trace of any vegetal element.
It is reported that Pevonia’s Rassoul, is so highly micronized, it has the capacity of absorbing 1.66 times its weight in water, releasing all of its minerals and energizing ions richness inside the cataplasm.
Once this natural process takes place, the Rassoul’s potent elements are then ready to be absorbed by the skin. Pevonia’s Rassoul Body Wrap delivers mineralizing, replenishing, rejuvenating and smoothing effects, while relieving fatigue and exhaustion, resulting in a feeling of ultimate renewal.