Rogner-Bad Blumau Hotel & Spa Resort - One Step Ahead

The Rogner-Bad Blumau Hotel & Spa in Austria is enjoying great success with its new menu of treatments, which presents some rather unique and unusual therapies.

The highly acclaimed Rogner-Bad Blumau destination spa is currently offering an extraordinary Full Body Foot Pressure Massage. During this remarkable treatment, the therapist enlists the help of a rope fixed to the ceiling and uses their feet to massage the client.
It is a unique form of therapy, where the guest lies on a floor mat whilst being massaged with an application of varying degrees of force and weight by the masseurå‘s legs and feet, who is supported by holding onto a suspended rope. The Foot Pressure Massage works to rejuvenate, stabilise muscles and joints, while working to relax and regenerate the body.
Alternative and unusual it may be - but this transcendent therapy is being hailed as the ultimately unique spa experience.

Together with exclusive ayurvedic treatments, such as The Shiro Dhara, Synchron, Abhyanga Massage and Udvarhanam Powder Massage, the spa has introduced the Hawaiian Lomilomi Nui Massage, which is also being very well received by guests.

Other news from one of the most celebrated spas in Austria is the introduction of Age Delay Seminars. Rogner-Bad Blumau is working closely with the American born fitness expert Jennifer Wade to offer empowering presentations.

These seminars run from Friday to Sunday and target any age group. They are designed for those looking to combat time stresses in order to live a healthy, active and happy life, by introducing the right diet, exercise and relaxation - in the right way.


Seminar cost: EUR 569, per person in a double room and is inclusive of;
Seminar presentation, personal consultation with Jennifer Wade, full-board in the organic gourmet restaurant ‘Eat Yourself Fit’, plus entrance to the exclusive hot springs and sauna facilities of the Rogner-Bad Blumau, Austria.

Seminar Dates:
24-26 January 2003 (fully booked)
21-23 March 2003
04-13 April 2003
16-18 May 2003
12-14 September 2003
14-16 November 2003