Best Invention Since The Spa Facial Is Launched

A beauty breakthrough was announced in California today where Revenir å- the first formula to deliver Vitamin C to areas of skin where collagen is produced å- has been just been launched.
Revenir is a pioneering product, which is first to deliver collagen stimulating Vitamin C to the deepest layers of skin where the body can use it for anti-aging effects.
Electrolyzation energises Vitamin C to eight times its normal strength, and clinical trials at the California Skin Research Institute showed up to an 85% improvement in patients regarding the smoothing of fine lines, deep wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.

Revenir is the first product that transcends the ability of any topical Vitamin C therapy to get the lauded vitamin to the place where it can do its job. The patented hand-held, mister electrolyzes a Vitamin C water solution and sprays an ultra-fine 20-micron mist to carry Vitamin C to the portion of the skin where it can rejuvenate, announced ActSys Healthcare, exclusive distributor of Revenir in the U.S.

The size of an electrical toothbrush, Revenir retails through spas and dermatologists for $425.00 and a six-month of Vitamin C solution retails for $79.00. Revenir can also be
purchased online at

For more than 20 years, Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka, visiting Professor Texas
University School of Medicine Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas, has researched the clinical benefits of electrolyzed water, the process of separating ions to create acidic water (low pH) and alkaline water (high pH) into fine particles, and its effects on human skin.

His pioneering work proved that electrolyzed water could penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, facilitating the entry of Vitamin C molecules for anti-aging benefits.


“Vitamin C has been clinically proven to accelerate the production of collagen, helping to combat the skin`s aging process. Topicals containing oils and agents have molecular structures too large to penetrate to the level of the skin where the collagen can be affected”, says ActSys Healthcare President, Jon Tamiyasu.
“So, the Vitamin C in those products merely sits on the surface of the skin. Also, Vitamin C oxidizes soon after being exposed to the air and serves no purpose for the skin.
Revenir stabilises the potency of the vitamin and gets it where it needs to go. The delivery system breaks down the molecular structure of water, providing the perfect vehicle to deliver Vitamin C into the skin`s dermal layers to help rejuvenate the skin.”

The California Skin Research Institute conducted two clinical studies on Revenir. Results from one study showed that treatment for hyper-pigmentation resulted in 89 percent of participants revealing a reduction in the appearance of discoloration, with an average difference of 14 percent. Results from the second study of facial lines and wrinkles, demonstrated a 20 percent improvement in coarse lines around the crow`s feet area, resulting in smoother skin.

Revenir and Charme are products manufactured by the Mikuni Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, specialists in fluid injection systems. ActSys Healthcare exclusively distributes the products in the U.S. Based in Westlake Village, California; ActSys Healthcare is one of the nation`s leading distributors of technologically advanced healthcare products.