Unique Healing Treatments at the Slovak Health Spa

With a long tradition of unique therapies and an acclaimed international reputation, The Slovak Health Spa Piestany is hailed as the most outstanding Slovak spa for the treatment of diseases of locomotive organs, organic nervous disorders, post-injury and orthopaedic operations. It is the foremost anti-rheumatic spa of Europe, known for its excellent medical care and treatment results.

The complex treatments, therapeutic methods and principles presented in Piestany are so unique that it is rare to find many, if any, other spas using such healing therapies.

What makes this location so individual in the spa sector is that Piestany Spa utilises the natural therapeutical properties of the area’s thermal gypseous sulphide waters.

It is supposed that Roman soldiers discovered the healing springs at Piestany as far back as two thousand years ago.While there is no evidence of this, it is known that Roman legions commanded by Marcus Aurelius were moving about this territory and building military camps at that time. Nevertheless, traces of human presence in this region reach back much further. Discoveries of ancient settlements bear witness to human presence in the Stone Age.

The hydrogen-sulphide water at Piestany rises from tectonic fractures in the ground at a depth of 2,000 metres. The temperature at the source is 67¡C to 69¡C. The measured composition of the water has not varied during the modern age. This hypotonic thermal water of a sulphate-carbonic, calcium-sodium and sulphurous nature contains approximately 1,500 mg of mineral matter per litre.


Together with comprehensive packages, the basic treatment methods applied in Piestany Spa include:
Balneotherapy - thermal water used for tub and pool baths, curative mud applied in the form of overall or partial mud packs
Kinesitherapy - treatment by motion
Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy - underwater massage, whirlpool bath and pearl bath
Electrotherapy, Phototherapy, and Mechanotherapy - comprising all aspects of massage.

Piestany is located in the Slovak republic, about 80km from the capital Bratislava. The spa area of Piestany is situated in the pleasant and cultivated environment of beautiful parks of the Spa Island.

The Slovak Health Spa Piestany has spa hotels at its disposal with the total capacity of 2,800 beds with full facilities for rest, relaxation, good food and social functions.

Although little is known of it, Piestany and Smrdáky is a wonderfully special place, a place where people go to restore health, seek pain relief, improve the quality of life, or find physical and psychical relaxation.


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