New Bath Spa Opens In February

Ancient meets modern at Britain’s most advanced spa, which will open next year in a city where Romans bathed 2,000 years ago. The state-of-the-art Thermae Bath Spa opens at the end of February in the heart of the World Heritage City of Bath, 116 miles west of London. 

The focal point is a new glass and stone building by Nicholas Grimshaw. It boasts a roof-top open-air pool fed with hot spring water at a temperature of 45 degrees centigrade, from which bathers will gaze out to the skyline and hills surrounding the 18th century city.
The spa development, which is aimed at leisure seekers as well those requiring medical attention, features indoor and outdoor thermal bathing, steam-rooms, massage, complementary and orthodox treatment rooms, a restaurant and visitor centre. Just 100 metres from the famous Roman Baths, it will be operated by Thermae Development Company, which created Thermae 2000 in The Netherlands. Also, five buildings have been restored, including the 18th century Hot Bath and Cross Bath.

There will be no membership fees and visitors will be able to choose from a wide range of accommodation in the city, which is known for its theatres, festivals, shops and restaurants. The rebirth of Bath’s spa is one element of a countrywide renaissance as Britain’s hotel companies invest millions of pounds in spa facilities.
Thermae Bath Spa will open daily and a two-hour session costs £17 excluding treatments, all-day £35. Tel: 01225 780308. Website: