Norwich Inn And Spa Gets More Neighbourly

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a room where the outside world is silenced. The ethereal sounds of new age music waft around you. Trained hands apply scented oils and slowly work to loosen your muscles, before laying on heated volcanic stones that deeply soothe and penetrate. You lay blissfully quiet and meditative.

This centuries-old technique, known as massage, has been proven to reduce stress and calm the nerves. This and other restorative therapies are offered at Norwich Inn & Spa. Norwich Inn & Spa, an oasis of calm located on route 32 in Norwich, has recently concluded a $13.5 million restoration project.
“We`ve listened to the public,” said Patty Webster, general Manager for the Pequot Hotel Group, and overseer of the vast multi-faceted project, “this is our answer to the needs of the market.”

The renovation took the best the 1929 red brick building had to offer—-it`s grace and unique structural lines—-and updated every aspect, resulting in a 30,000 square foot world class inn and spa.

Extra Space:
Not only unique in their design, each room has a different feel by way of color, fabric and detailing. Some offer a fireplace and bare wood floors while others are carpeted. But all rooms are generous in their elegance, supplying the guest with plush, cozy cotton bedding, plush towels and Norwich Inn & Spa`s own line of toiletries.

“These are some of the ways that we make the guest feel pampered.” Said Webster. “If they think that they will never want to leave the spa, once they sleep here, they`ll never want to get out of bed.”


Guest Outreach:
While many of the renovation dollars can be seen in the physical changes at Norwich Inn & Spa, a good deal of the expenditures have been put to use in guest services.

The spa now boasts 32 individualized treatment rooms, and offers such indulgences as a seaweed foot treatment, polarity therapy, an alpha lifting antioxidants facial and more for a total of 44 treatments. There is also an increase in the number of fitness classes that may be taken under the instruction of professional personal trainers. And if one believes a trip to the spa is only for women, Norwich Inn & Spa understands benefits are not gender-specific. Treatments have been added that are geared toward the male guest.

Regular Seminars:

On any Wednesday night, the public is encouraged to take part in the Spa`s Wellness series, an evening that benefits breast cancer research through donations.

In the past, Wellness night has featured such diverse speakers as an astrologer, a chiropractor and a heart disease specialist.
“We bring in people who can teach us something about ourselves,” said Betty Loiacono, director at the Inn & Spa. While Norwich Inn and Spa boasts a star-studded guest book—-individuals who are not only well known to the public but are also well acquainted with the spa world—- a major wish of the management team is to draw in their “neighbors,” people living in the area towns who may not be aware the Inn & Spa offers a wealth of treatments and programs designed just for them.
“One of our biggest policy changes is the fact that we now accept gift certificates seven days a week,” said Webster.

The old policy prohibited the use of gift certificates on the weekend unless you were a guest of the Inn, making it difficult for the working man or woman to make use of the gift, explained Webster.
Simple And Easy: As easy as making an appointment at a beauty salon, spa-goers can now call the spa and schedule a single class or treatment, or take an afternoon to enjoy the use of the pool, sauna, steam room and lounge areas.

The new look and feel of Norwich Inn and Spa is one of “casual elegance,” said Webster.
“It`s the way that everyone should live.”