A Pregnant Pause at Chiva-Som

When Elizabeth Hurley turned to Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Thailand, following the birth of her baby boy and to prepare for the launch of her new movie, the worldå‘s press was waitingå...

Neither the media or Elizabeth were disappointed; as the British beauty says, “I adore Chiva-Som, it`s a ravishing place where you can lose weight, calm down and be pampered into oblivion”.

The actress and international model visited Thailand`s much-lauded luxury health resort, Chiva-Som, to prepare herself physically and mentally for a series of gruelling television and press interviews she was set to undertake in advance of her latest movie, ‘Serving Sara’.

Since the revitalisation of the body-beautiful, Liz has successfully stunned the media with a phenomenal post-pregnancy image that has seen the Chiva-Som inundated with enquiries from expectant mothers across the globe.

Such is the demand for Elizabeth’s beauty-secret location, the Chiva-Som is currently creating an exclusive post-pregnancy package. Once plans are approved, it is hoped that Elizabeth will endorse this unique package.


Chiva-Som at Thailand`s royal beach resort of Hua Hin has long been a popular retreat with the rich and famous, who favour the resort for its
holistic approach to well-being in an environment of tranquillity and understated luxury.

Picture:Elizabeth Hurley at Chiva-Som with the resort’s General Manager, Joy Menzies

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