Brenner`s Spa Is “Top” Worldwide

The Spa Award has been presented in our House for years now, also because Brenner`s Spa is numbered among the world`s best. The American Travel + Leisure magazine ranks Brenner`s Park-Hotel & Spa number 1 in Europe on its 2002 list and number four among the best Hotel Spas outside the USA.

However, as is stated in the October edition of the magazine this is only “half the truth” for the assessment of the individual visitor is simply too complex for everything to be reproduced in detail. But the details of the survey have now been released. And Brenner`s Spa finds itself in the very best of company here: It undoubtedly ranks first for instance, with regard to the value for money ratio, for its one-hour long whole body massage for Spas outside the USA. In the “best applications” section, Brenner`s Spa occupies second spot behind the legendary “Oriental” in Bangkok. The medicinal Thai massage and the “Body Tortures” are also cited as real hits.