Partnership With Cornell University Of New York State Underway

The Hills Health Ranch, located near 100 Mile House, British Columbia, has embarked on a nutritional research project with Cornell University in New York, a premiere university known for its exceptionally high standards.

Working with Professor Tabachi and her students in this nutrition research project, work will include the researching of attitudes of spa-goers towards various types of foods, and will attempt to measure the preferences of spa-goers, and their perceptions towards their understanding of what is “spa cuisine” and healthy eating.

Graduate student Eve Kurzer, under the guidance of Professor Tabachi of Cornell University, will work closely with with Regula Wittmer, Wellness Director at The Hills Health Ranch.

“This research will provide clarity and understanding of what spa-goers consider to be healthy cuisine,” commented Pat Corbett, President of The Hills Health Ranch.  “In turn, this information will enable us to continue to not only provide the best cuisine possible for our guests, but also assist us in the nutritional education programs at our health spa as we compare perceptions of good eating against current nutritional science.” 

The Hills Health Ranch opened in June of 1985, envisioned and designed as the first year round health and fitness vacation resort built in Canada. Since then, The Hills Health Ranch has continued to create innovative health and wellness programs and packages that teach guests new ways to improve their overall well-being for a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.


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