Innovative New Software Hits Salon And Spa Industry

Extended Technologies, a business unit of Neill Corporation and creator of SalonBiz® salon management software, introduces the salon and spa business solution, SpaBiz® software. SpaBiz® has all the aspects of the popular SalonBiz® software, plus many new key features ideal for use in day spas and destination spas.

The major benefit of SpaBiz® is its ability to easily search, edit and book group packages with multiple services.

Some key features include customized packages, group check out, grouping by resources and staff, and adjustment of packages. SpaBiz® can also split tips between all staff members who worked on a package, save possible appointment times while booking packages, set maximum time gaps between services in a package, exclude certain top staff members from packages, and add extra costs for requested staff members.

SpaBiz® can do more than book packages, though. This helpful new tool will record customer gender preferences, secure credit card deposit information, and display progression of treatment plans such as physical therapy or any regular medical treatment.

It also keeps track of equipment in use at certain times, preventing the overbooking of rooms, massage tables or pedicure chairs.


SpaBiz® is the perfect software for not only spas, but also any business that has booking needs. It can help a business calculate and understand productivity, acquire customer information efficiently and use the gained information effectively. For example, users of this software can run productivity reports by equipment, seeing how and when each is being used. They can also use information to upsell other services or products to customers based on their past visits and purchases.

SpaBiz® can help spa owners with their staff organization, appointment booking, customized packaging, productivity, and more. It certainly is the business solution.