Ross Neill Named President of Extended Technologies

Ross Neill, former Chief Information Officer of Neill Corporation, as been appointed President of Extended Technologies after a 20-year relationship with Neill Corporation. Neill says, “I`ve had such a close involvement all my life that I would find it hard to let go.” His long-term commitment has, in part, led to the integration of Vital Information Systems, the Neill hardware resale company, with Extended Technologies, the company`s software developer. “This combination of our best talents in both software and hardware has led to a smoother, more viable working arrangement, one that`s easier for people with various abilities to combine their talents and ideas toward solutions and innovations.”

This recognition of value comes from CEO Edwin H. Neill II. “Our greatest asset is our intellectual capital,” he states. Ross makes the most of this investment by holding daily “huddles,” informal division meetings where the day`s priorities are worked out, challenges and solutions are discussed, and team members are kept up-to-date on the status of various customer systems.

“Programming is my passion. It is a field where challenges and innovations arise constantly; it`s never boring. I want to take this company into the 21st century without a hitch. With careful planning and strict attention to detail, there is no reason why our customers should have a minute`s trouble, even if that minute happens to be 12:00 midnight, January 1st, 2000.”

Neill Corporation salutes Ross Neill`s contributions to Extended Technologies, and extends its congratulations on his advancement.