Eating Right at Echo Valley

Clinton, BC, Canada: Time was when cowboys and guests at a working ranch piled their plates high with meat and potatoes to fuel hearty ranch appetites. At Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, cowboys and guests alike have developed an educated palate. Here, at this working ranch and spa, everyone eats what is best for his or her type. Blood type, that is.

Inspired by the incredible results derived from the teachings of Dr Peter J. D?Adamo (A noted naturopathic physician, researcher and lecturer), Echo Valley Ranch & Spa owners Norm and Nanthawon Dove, along with their Executive Master Chef, Kim Madsen, have designed a new approach to ranch food. Guest may have their blood type identified at the ranch and be advised which food should be avoided and which food is beneficial or neutral for their particular type. At meal times a wide range of foods are presented and guests can choose what is best for them.

Don?t be misled. This is not a bland calorie counting approach to eating. The cuisine is a delight and no one leaves the table hungry. Executive Master Chef, Kim Madsen prepares extensive choices of succulent dishes that can include organic homegrown vegetables, ranch-raised beef and an array of specialties in keeping with what you would expect to find at your favorite restaurant. The difference is that guests and staff are encouraged to eat the foods that are beneficial for their blood type. Guests, who have tried it for a week or two, report weight loss, increased energy levels and enhanced well-being.

Alongside the recommended foods for each blood type, Echo Valley?s professional fitness instructor has introduced an exercise program that is tailored for each person. Some individuals do better with vigorous exercise, while others benefit from yoga and stretching.

The Life Style Alternative and Ranch Revitalizer vacations at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa take advantage of this new approach to nutrition and exercise at the ranch.


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