Functional Water Hits the Spot

Westlake Village, CA, (October 21, 2002) å- The result of 20 years of clinical research that shows the exceptional absorption effectiveness of electrolyzed water solutions on skin, ActSys Healthcare will exclusively distribute two revolutionary products that use functional water solutions to treat skin.
To be launched in the U.S. at ISPA (Anaheim, California, October 20-23, booth 648), REVENIR and Charme are hand held devices that produce on demand, electrolyzed, low pH water for skin healing and anti-aging benefits, respectively. After high acceptance and use of low pH water in Japanese hospitals, spas and among skin science professionals for many years, REVENIR is the first application of such technology to deliver super energized vitamin C to the dermal layers of the skin where collagen growth occurs. Charme is the first application of electrolyzed water solution to provide antimicrobial benefits to the dermal layers to promote healing of skin conditions. Studies at the Akashi Hospital in Japan and the California Skin Research Institute in San Diego have witnessed up to an 85% increase in effectiveness over topical treatments. REVENIR and Charme Retail for $504.00 (unit and case of solution) and $555.00 (unit and case of solution) respectively, and are available directly through ActSys Healthcare and through skin science professionals throughout Southern California.
“When DaySpa magazine (July, 2002) seemed to plead for a viable method that would deliver vitamins beyond the skin’s natural absorption abilities,” said ActSys President, Jon Tamiyasu, “we knew that REVENIR and Charme would answer the industry’s call for a delivery system that finally GETS vitamin C and nutrients to the areas of the skin that can USE them.”
The results of Dr. Kokichi Hanaoka’s body of work on the science of electrolyzed water on skin, the Mikuni Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) developed the water electrolyzation technology into the two different products, one with beauty benefits and another to aid with pesky skin conditions:

á REVENIR, energizes vitamin C (to 8 times its normal strength) and delivers a fine mist (20 microns in size) into the dermal layers of the skin where collagen is produced.
á Charme’s electrolyzed water, delivers in the same fine mist spray, proven antimicrobial effects, hydration and astringent to the dermal layers of the skin.
Dr. Hanaoka has dedicated his life work to researching the clinical benefits of electrolyzed water and its effects on the human skin for more than twenty years. He is a pioneer in the study of the enhanced antioxidant properties of electrolyzed vitamin C for skin therapy. His work served as an inspiration to develop applications for skin conditions and the addition of vitamin C for anti aging effects - the result was REVENIR and Charme.
REVENIR and Charme are products manufactured by the Mikuni Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, specialists in fluid injection systems. ActSys Healthcare exclusively distributes the products in the U.S. Based in Westlake Village, ActSys Healthcare is one of the nation’s leading distributors of technologically advanced healthcare products.