Meadowood Napa Valley Expands Health Spa Experience

Meadowood Napa Valley, America`s premier wine country destination, is leading the resort spa evolution with its Health Spa`s mission to be a dedicated fitness and wellness resource for
its guests and members.
The Health Spa has three new signature treatments. The Valley Stone Massage, Cascading Stone Massage, and Vineyard Polish are three rejuvenating and energizing treatments just added to the spa menu. The menu is consistently refined and developed to further enhance the Health Spa`s dedication to deepening the connection between therapist and guest. Furthermore, the property announces an extensive renovation and expansion of the hiking trail network; a valuable asset intrinsic to the outdoor programs and activities offered by Meadowood and its ultimate holistic spa experience.
Guests who choose to experience the new Valley Stone and Cascading Stone massages will enjoy a dynamic and unique stone therapy encounter. The Valley Stone Massage applies warm, soothing basalt stones and chilled invigorating marble stones to induce deep relaxation and harmony within. Blending thermotherapy and massage for 80 minutes, it stimulates the mind, body and spirit and costs $165.00.
Producing lightness of being and an enhanced energy, the Cascading Stone Massage is performed by Meadowood`s core staff therapists after extensive training by therapists Tamara Just and Amy Black. The treatment was conceived as a result of the harmonious relationships developed between the therapists working on Meadowood`s Ayurvedic treatments, in particular, the Abhyanga. Health Spa therapist Michelle Hagen conceived this dual therapist stone treatment where the stones seem to come alive in the therapist`s hands as they integrate the connection between their energy, the stones and the guest. This unusual treatment offers both hot and cold stones providing the individual a simultaneously stimulating (cold) and relaxing (warmth) experience. The end result of this therapeutic choreographed dance is a relief of stress and abundance of energy. The treatment costs $240.00 and
runs 80 minutes.

The Vineyard Polish body treatment, makes use of Napa Valley`s heritage as America`s top producing wine region with indigenous grape seeds in a medium, rich in anti-oxidants with sea salt and other local minerals. The treatment is available for 25 and 50-minute sessions at $60.00 and $115.00 respectively.
The grape seed oil is manufactured locally in the Valley and supports the Health Spa`s objective to incorporate as many locally derived products as possible. All products used at the spa are only from the purest and finest ingredients, including organically grown aromatic botanicals that synergistically revitalize, nourish and strengthen the skin.
Meadowoods` Spa Director Jim Root, who is also the International Spa Association`s (ISPA) Membership Committee Chair, believes that any spa should not be defined by the latest discovery or architectural design, but rather by its vision and mission statement, emphasizing integrity and how “it walks its talk” to guests. Root is a recognized leader in destination spas, constantly developing new resources for training and educating spa staff.
An illustration of Roots` intention to connect guests in a deeper way to their treatments and overall experience is the use of Dr. Reenita Malhotra and her company Ayoma. As a doctor of Ayurvedic medicine from India, Malhotra understands they 5000-year-old tradition of Ayurveda and its philosophies, which parallel Meadowood`s own mission to improve each guest`s quality of life. She has taught Meadowood`s highly trained therapists to treat the individual and wholly supports the family and community oriented programs, which incorporate Meadowood`s natural surroundings with natural healing. With the use of Dr. Malhotra and her products, Root and his staff have created better and all-sense encompassing experiences for the guests. Root`s long association with destination spas, including Rancho La Puerta and Green Valley, bring his sense of the destination spa to Meadowood Napa Valley. He has developed and instituted over 60 hours of fitness classes and programs utilizing the entire resort, both inside and out of the property`s spa building.
These extensive and varied classes integrate highly desirable experiences for the novice and expert crafting exciting and fun adventure in self-growth for Meadowood`s clientele.
Hiking at Meadowood Napa Valley is one of the year-round, exhilarating outdoor activities that comprise the total Spa experience. Under the direction of Root and Meadowood horticulturist William Kuhn, the forested hiking trails surrounding the golf course are currently undergoing a major three year
expansion that will double the existing trail network to over 3.2 miles. The plan includes installation of quiet rest areas and secret tucked-away contemplation spots complete with benches and hammocks. Additionally, the trails offer panoramic views of the resort, Napa Valley, and a myriad of opportunities to observe the variety of flora and fauna that contribute to the property`s ecosystem.
Sports, fitness and exercise classes as well as the Meadowood gardens round out the comprehensive experience of nature and the outdoors beyond the spa walls. Outdoor enthusiasts can play tennis and croquet on the impeccably landscaped and manicured world-class courts. They can also enjoy a nine-hole golf course and derive joy from the incredible birdlife at the property. Classes of Tai chi, yoga and meditation are conducted on private greens, above the tennis courts, on the lawn between the spa`s pools and on various hiking trail locations.
Meadowood now boasts over 100 varieties of birds with recent sightings of the Western Kingbird and Bandtailed Pigeon by Root and his staff. Root, an avid birder and outdoorsman has also added numerous bird feeders and houses on the property, many adjacent to the spa, so guests can enjoy the vibrant wildlife life that abounds at Meadowood.
“We consider ourselves stewards of the land here and work continually to improve and re-establish the habitat. Connecting to nature,” notes Root, “is an important aspect of the spa culture here and promotes the holistic experience that defines our mission to be a source of well-being.” In 2002, new bluebird boxes were built. They have spawned two successful nest cycles producing baby Western Bluebirds, Violet Green and Tree Swallows for the Meadowood estate. Recently, boxes for Wood Ducks, Western Screech Owls and Barn Owls have been installed, contributing to the most extensive bird program for any spa in the country.
Root is excited about the future for the Health Spa and explains that the plan includes expansion of treatments to include more tradition and ritual. In the meantime members of Meadowood and guests from around the world continue to consider the property one of the best destinations for a truly all-encompassing spa experience.
Meadowood is situated in the heart of beautiful Napa Valley, one mile east from downtown St. Helena and 18 miles north of Napa. With eighty-five private cottages, suites and lodges nestled among the oaks and pines of the estate`s wooded setting in a private two-hundred-fifty-acre valley, guests many never want to leave. Meadowood`s distinctive architecture, with its white dormers and gabled roofs, French doors and broad porches are trademarks of the property. Interiors feature high beamed ceilings, white wainscoting, watercolor landscapes and stone fireplaces all of which help create a feeling of warmth, peacefulness and elegance. Meadowood also features some of the finest food and wine experiences in Napa Valley. The Restaurant at Meadowood offers California Wine Country Cuisine and a wine list of which practically every Napa Valley wine producer is represented. The Grill features casual dining for guests who would like to relax and enjoy the scenery of the fairways and surrounding wooded hillsides, which are the foundation of Meadowood`s natural character and beauty. Meadowood had proudly been a member of Relais & Chateaux since 1987. For more information on Meadowood please call 800-458-8080ext 216 or visit its website at .