Bali - Mixed News

The unfortunate and tragic events in Bali recently are in stark contrast to the delightful resorts that are now appearing on our enhanced format Spas Directory, which has gone international. Readers of Condé Nast Traveller were so impressed with The Source spa at Begawan Giri Hotel in Bali that it topped the ‘Best of the Best’ poll in the magazine’s Readers’ Travel Awards. As well as coming first in the category for overseas hotel spas,
>the facility also came top of the combined list, which included travel choices ranging from cities and countries to cruise lines and airports. If you would like to see more have a look at their entry on The Spas Directory by going to
For those concerned about recent events in Bali, Thailand also scored high marks in the category for overseas destination spas, Chiva-Som topped the poll with a score of 88 per cent or more in five out of the nine criteria - ambience, environmental friendliness, service/staff, accommodation and value for money.To find out more discover their entry on The Spas Directory by going to