Spa Cuisine Project Gives Culinary Insight

100 Mile House, BC…..The Hills Health Ranch in British Columbia, Canada, and Eve Kurzer, a Hotel School Student under the direction of Cornell University Faculty in New York State, have completed a multi-faceted study of the Spa Goer, and Spa Cuisine.  The results of the study will be published in time for the Canadian Thanksgiving, October 14, 2002.

In one of the most unique research projects undertaken at any spa in North America, one of the numerous research goals was to investigate the palate preferences of spa goers.  The results have provided a depth of understanding of not only what are the most popular foods, but also of the most popular forms of food preparation.  This research information indicates very clearly what foods that the spa-goer likes, and dislikes.

Further, information was sought to determine what is the most favourite cultural food group, in order to get further insights into what spa goers prefer, for example, Thai, Italian, Japanese, German, French, Swiss, Mexican.& more.  A total of 16 cultural food groups were presented, and a very clear ranking has emerged from the research, which provides clarity as to which nation food or cultural food group that is preferred.

The study also surveyed ... the past dieting history of the spa goer to determine what methods worked in the minds of the consumer, and what were the challenges associated with each of the popular diets.  The information obtained on Diet Challenges is invaluable for Destination Spas, and provides the information needed to help in addressing the need for Lifestyle Change, as the ultimate diet.

The Hills Health Ranch is a Destination Spa, built and opened in 1985, and operates as Canadas first year round destination Health & Fitness Vacation Resort.  With a large staff of Health, Fitness, Spa & Wellness Professionals, the resort mission is to ....provide an environment for a kick-start to an improved lifestyle in a summer guest ranch environment, and a winter ski resort environment.  The resort is located on 1500 acres and adjoins a further 20,000 acres of wilderness and ranchlands.  The resort also features a COOKING LIGHT Cooking School, The Erica Miller Spa School, Canadian Rosehip Oil Development Center, & Expertise Canada - a national distribution company. 


If you would like more information on the details of the SPA CUISINE CULINARY RESEARCH PROJECT, please contact Mr. Pat Corbett, President, at 250-791-5225, or email   [email protected]